You should buy a Forever Rose because it offers a unique blend of natural beauty and lasting durability, ensuring that your thoughtful gesture remains a constant reminder of your affection. Unlike regular roses that wilt in days, Forever Roses maintain their vibrant appearance for months to years, making them a meaningful and enduring gift for any occasion. Bring the garden inside with these no watering Real forever Roses.

Give the gift of timeless beauty this summer with our Forever Roses from These stunning, long-lasting roses symbolize eternal love and appreciation, making them the perfect choice for any special occasion. Show your loved ones how much they mean to you with a gift that will continue to bloom all year round.

A Forever Rose is the perfect gift for any occasion, offering timeless beauty and elegance that lasts for years. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or simply to show appreciation, a Forever Rose symbolizes enduring love and thoughtfulness, making every moment unforgettable.

What to Buy for the Special Couple...


Sending forever roses as a gift for the mothers of the bride and groom is a wonderful idea! Forever roses are preserved roses that maintain their beauty and freshness for a long time, making them a perfect keepsake from the wedding day.

Matching the color of the forever roses to the wedding's color theme adds a thoughtful and personalized touch, ensuring that the gift seamlessly fits into the overall aesthetic of the event.

Forever roses are not only beautiful but also symbolic, representing the everlasting love and appreciation for the mothers of the bride and groom. They serve as a timeless reminder of the special bond shared between the couple and their mothers on this significant day.

Overall, gifting forever roses to the mothers of the bride and groom is a thoughtful and unique gesture that they will surely treasure for years to come. It's a beautiful way to express gratitude and love for their support and presence on such an important occasion.

Welcome to our New Blog for 2024


As we welcome 2024 with open arms, we're thrilled to unveil a fresh array of innovative products that promise to elevate your experience.   From cutting-edge technology to stylish designs, our new lineup is carefully crafted to meet the evolving needs of our valued customers.   Accompanying these exciting additions is a revampled layout.

ensuring a seamless and immersive journey as you explore the latest and greatest offerings in the year ahead.  Welcome to a new era of possibilities!

 Experience the magic of real roses that last forever with our Forever Roses this Christmas, available for next day delivery.   These stunning , everlasting blooms are the perfect gift for any occasion.   Discover the beauty of roses that never die, conveniently delivered in an elegant box.  Don't miss out on our exclusive sale of forever roses - a rare opportunity to own genuine, long-lasting flowers.   Choose real flowers that last forever and delight in the beauty of roses that endure for three years or more.   Our Eternal Rose collection offers the same-day delivery for an extra touch of convenience.   For roses that last a year, explore our exquisite selection.   The Everlasting Rose Company specializes in providing real everlasting roses that capture the essence of everlasting love and beauty.


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We have a wide selection of luxury forever roses and our in house florists keep coming up with new ideas, so we will never have the same stock over and over again,

We will always keep our classic pieces like 'Beauty and the Beast' and the 'Large Forever Domes' but we like to experiment with colours and designs to suit all pockets.

Our latest is our Crystal Sparkle Rose, a forever rose in four colours set into a coloured glass sphere which is scented and is really special, together with a special price of £39.99 

plus post and packing.

Sentimental Collection

With the Coronation of King Charles on the 6th May, We have plenty to celebrate at the start of our summer.

Officially the start of the Wedding Season, we have added some amazing New gifts to our site, we have called them our 'Sentimental Collection'

A large Forever Dome with a wooden sculptures surrounded with some forever roses and forever forna, it makes a spectacular gift for the Bride and Groom 

or for the Mother of the Bridge and Groom, a bunch of flowers are beautiful but they don't last, these beautiful domes make a statement and last for many many years to come.

A perfect reminder of your special day.





With the wedding season just around the corner, now is a great time to take your time and find the perfect gift for the Bride and Groom or Mother of Bride or Groom.

Our roses come in some lovely colour's and each and every one of our designs to bespoke to you, we can even create a stunning centerpiece in the colour of your wedding theme.

Not only a Gift for Weddings, but for Anniversaries, Birthdays and Remembrance.

Our Vintage Rose makes an ideal gift for an Aunts or Mother's Birthday

Our Beauty and the Beast makes a lovely gift for the person you Love

Our Sparkle Domes are perfect for any occasion

Our Large Domes are a statement piece they will make a great center piece in your home or in an office on the Reception Desk.

The Pendal makes a great gift for the office as it is the perfect size to have on your desk.


We also offer Corporate Forever-Rose gifts, so please call us to discuss your requirements 01923 681500

After a busy Christmas and just recovered after Valentines, we are now in full swing for Mother's Day.  Mother's Day is only celebrated in the UK on the 19th March 2023, Women's Day is celebrated in May all over Europe however.

We have many lovely gifts for to buy your Mother, Wife, or partner.    Yellow is always a great colour that gives us hints of Spring around the corner, everything is coming into leaf and colour and the drab grey is replaced with green grass, trees full of life and the garden full of snowdrops, tulips and daffodils, we do have a new gift which is a Rose Collection Gift Card, this is a Faux Silk Rose ( not a forever rose) but we have produced three colours Yellow, Red and Pink and the card can be personalised with your own message printed inside the card.

With Mother's Day just a few weeks away, now is the time to order a lovely Forever-Rose from us.

We do have some really lovely colours available at the moment and each and every one of our designs are made personal to you.

All the rose domes come with a message card, just tell us what to write and we will include this with your gift.

From prices stating from £19.99 we are sure there is something for everyone.

We are getting ready for Valentines Day, with lots of Red roses, but don't forget the other lovely colour's that we have in stock too!


With more and more coverage regarding the airmiles roses do in order to arrive on our shores, why not this year think about a 'Forever Rose'

its more sustainable and lasts so much longer.   The roses are real but they have gone through a long slow process to remove the water content in the flower and stem.

We have a single rose on stem at prices from £19.99 plus post and packing, and our new Sparkle Domes, which will certainly put a smile on your partners face.


After Valentines we have the Wedding Season around the corner why not buy the Mother and Groom of the bride a Forever-Rose that will remind them of your special Day

Don't forget we can personalise the rose colour to fit in with your colour scheme.

Birthdays, Anniversary Forever Roses


There is always an occasion to celebrate, and no other gift will leave a lasting impression.

Our florist create beautiful arrangements, using the very best forever roses and blending the colours to bring you

a perfect arrangement.

We can even create a special arrangement using your favourite colours

You will know that unlike real flowers these will last and not fade.

We are always working on new arrangements, so please keep looking ...

We have many happy customers including offices and special arrangements for wedding tables, with one lucky guest

able to take the arrangement home.

But with our Forever Roses you will always be able to enjoy fresh Roses in full bloom.

No need to water or feed, just enjoy our lovely displays, created in House by our Florists.

With the Wedding Season fast approaching, we thought that you may like to see some of our lovely designs for Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom or for the Bride and Groom.

We can match your Wedding colour theme to the colour of the rose, so this makes such a lovely reminder of your Happy Day!

The large domes make a lovely center piece for the Wedding Tables.

We are always adding new lines to our range so please keep looking.

Welcome to our Blog! With Mother’s Day just around the corner, a Forever-Rose is a beautiful way to say how much you love your Mother, Grand-mother, or the woman in your life. We are always trying to come up with new ideas to add to our website, the latest is our Pure rose in a small dome with a cork base, very simple but very effective at £21.99 we do offer any colour rose too not just the red rose.

With Valentines approaching fast, now is the time to buy the love of your life a Forever Rose.

We are having lots of fun creating beautiful designs, from single stem roses, to ‘beauty and the Beast’ Domes and many more besides.

Our newest addition ‘A single Stem Rose’ is available in many colours and cost just £19.99 plus post and packing.

This not only makes a great valentines gift, but because we are making them in different colours they are a lovely Anniversary gift too.

Welcome to our first blog, we hope we can give you advice and information on our beautiful forever-roses, and give you the latest pictures of our new creations!

At this time of year we are busy, making up our domes and rose boxes ready to send out for Christmas, but don’t forget these make a magical birthday Gift, or in Remembrance of a loved one or indeed for the special person in your life.

Our New Gift Box on the right is our latest addition, and we can add any colour of rose to the box.  Every colour rose has a special meaning.