Care Instructions


Our preserved Roses are 100% natural. Plant preservation is a totally ecological process that replaces the natural sap of the flower by a preservative. That substance is close to sugar and is 100% biodegradable.

Thanks to that natural preserving technique, preserved plants and flowers retain their flexibility and their natural freshness without any maintenance. They require no watering, no special treatment or luminosity. These plants and flowers are ideal for weddings, unique gifts, home décor, fashion accessories and innovative products.


Conditions of Use


Preserved plants are 100% natural. This is why it is necessary to follow certain rules in order to ensure their beauty andoptimal lifespan:


  • Indoor use only
  • Fragile - Avoid touching the plants: they will not grow back
  • No watering
  • Avoid long exposure to sunlight behind a glass
  • Do not put it too close to a heat source (radiator, halogen, fireplace..)
  • Recommended humidity: below 70%